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AVOS Acquires to Enhance Link-Saving in Delicious

San Mateo, CA – November 9, 2011 - AVOS Systems, which recently re-launched and is led by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, has acquired link-saving service was founded in December 2010 by Tim Bull and Alex Dong, and is focused on making the bookmarking process more automated and supported by intuitive search. collects every link that users share or “like” on websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and stores them in one place to make them easy to find.

“It became clear from the first discussion with’s founders that our visions for the future of bookmarking and discovery were closely aligned,” said Chad Hurley, CEO of AVOS. “Their technology and insights will accelerate link-saving and searching capabilities in Delicious.”

“We’re excited to join this stellar team and apply our bookmarking innovations to help Delicious users discover and collect the web,” said Tim Bull, co-founder of

More information on what this acquisition means for users can be found on their blog.

It’s as easy as

Do you love visiting Delicious, but hate typing all those letters into your address bar? Well, you’re in luck, because now all it takes is four keystrokes:

We’re always looking to simplify how people can access and use Delicious, and a shorter URL brings a number of benefits, such as a more concise way to point to your Delicious profile:, for example.

Saving Links via Email

UPDATE: The email service was disabled
in the spring of 2012 due to a spam issue.

We’ve also added a way to save links by emailing the URL to an address. This is particularly useful for saving on a mobile device. Simply include the link in the body of your email, and use the subject line for your link title. You have the option of adding a comment, tags and privacy designation in the email as well.

Each user will have a unique email address to send links to, in order to let you send from any email. To create your own email destination, visit the “” section of your Settings page and enter an alpha-numeric code after your username. Be sure to save this email in your address book so you don’t have to remember cialis buy online it.

Then, next time you’re browsing on your mobile device, adding a link to Delicious will be easy like Sunday morning. Just select the option to email the link…

…enter any additional details and send to your email…

…and all the information will be saved in Delicious.


We welcome all feedback on making email saving better, and will continue adding new capabilities over time, such as saving multiple links from one email.There is also a new way to add a bookmarklet to your mobile browser. To see the details, visit our updated bookmarklet page.


More Updates:
  • We’ve started testing network feeds on select Delicious profiles, and hope to make networks available for everyone over the next few weeks.
  • The process for creating stacks has been streamlined, so try building a new one and let us know what you think on the Forum.
- Scott Bendar, Senior Software Engineer