New Look on Delicious

We’ve received a lot of helpful suggestions from the Delicious community, and if you mosey on over to, you’ll see we’ve been listening.

Updating the Design

We’ve begun a comprehensive overhaul of how the Delicious UI deals with information density and hierarchy, while applying a clean, consistent style. Giving Delicious an interface flexible enough to add new features moving forward was a strong consideration. It required us to take into account overarching themes like how content types get presented (stacks, links, actions, and so on) to minute details like a consistent button style.

Here’s an example of the old link-saving page compared with the new one:

Enhancing Discovery through Stacks

At the top of our priority list was exploring new stack layouts, to help visitors discover content. There were a number of considerations that went into formulating the new stack design, with the end goal of making the content more compelling including:

  • More prominent comments from the stack creator to add a greater level of personalization
  • A more informative presentation with better content previews, to give a clearer sense of what’s behind each click
  • Better media display that showcases quality images and compelling video


We also wanted to make it easier for you to find stacks centered on your interests, so we’re now categorizing them into areas such as Comedy, Food, Music or Sports. These categories will be revised and expanded over time.


We’re going to continue looking for better ways to present stacks, and would love to hear your thoughts on this latest push. Drop us a line with your feedback.

Delicious has been a work in progress since the beta re-launch, with our attention primarily on completing the migration from Yahoo!. We’re focused now on innovating Delicious to empower web discovery, and actively building the team and dedicating the resources to make it happen. New features and site updates will start rolling out more rapidly, so keep watching this space.

- J.T. Trollman, Lead Designer & Alex Dong, Senior Software Engineer