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Our Favorite IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) stands for “if this then that.” Essentially, it communicates between apps and services for you. You can create a recipe where if something is triggered in one app, then something happens in another app. For example, one popular recipe is when you star an item in Feedly, it will save the link to your Delicious account. For more information, check out their about page.

We have been loving this app – the possibilities are endless, and it is both fun and useful. It can be really powerful when combined with a service like Delicious, so we wanted to share our favorite Delicious recipes with you. You can also create your own, or explore recipes others have created. Check out our favorites:

1. Post new public bookmarks on Delicious to Buffer.
2. Save my YouTube favorites to Delicious.
3. Send an email to IFTTT to save link on Delicious.
3. Backup Delicious bookmarks to Google Spreadsheet.
4. Send Tumblr likes to Delicious.
5. If tagged “to read” on Delicious, send to Pocket.
6. SoundCloud favorites get saved on Delicious.

And lastly, this one is cool, because you can set it up with any RSS feed you like. One of our team members sends posts he saves on Reddit to Delicious using the RSS feed for his Reddit account.

7. Save an RSS feed to Delicious.

If you know of any other IFTTT recipes that incorporate Delicious, let us know on Twitter @delicious!