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Delicious for Business: How FontFont organizes the web

FontFont is an international font house based in Berlin, creating gorgeous fonts for designers by designers and selling them online. They use Delicious to categorize their fonts and font families, keep track of news and press about the company, and note where their fonts are being used in the wild. They are one of the most followed users on Delicious. We reached out to them to ask why they use Delicious and how it works for them.

“We use Delicious primarily to capture new FontFont related content that we have come across or that our customers have sent over to us. It provides a great source of inspiration for us in terms of generating new content for our own site and also acts as an archive and go-to-resource for finding examples of our FontFonts in use. We also find that our customers use the tags ffinuse and webfontfonts to find inspiration for their own projects.”

Not surprisingly, the bookmarklet is their favorite feature to “quickly and conveniently add links.” They also use tags extensively to categorize their links: “As we have over 393 font families, the tags help us to differentiate between the different typefaces and catalog our links in a logical manner.”

FontFont is a great example of a brand making good use of the services Delicious has to offer. In any business it’s important to stay organized. Delicious serves as an organized archive of anything you’d like to remember on the web. It’s great for researching, onboarding employees, or remembering important articles — your links are there waiting to do the hard work for you.

As FontFont told us, Delicious can also be very valuable for research and inspiration. Search your own tags, your networks’, or the entire Delicious community’s. See what people are saying about your company or product across the web. Easily find long-lost webpages and articles or research your competitors.

Delicious is unique because it crowdsources the web at the most basic level, simply and conveniently giving you access to everything your company needs to be successful.