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Community Spotlight: Fandom!

Delicious is full of passionate communities dedicated to saving and organizing their favorite things on the web. The world of fandom, and all those collecting the best fan works online, is a great example of this.

For those not in the know, fandom refers to the community of people who like to engage with their pop culture — be it through reading or writing fan fiction, creating fan art, dressing up as their favorite characters (a.k.a. cosplay), going to conventions, or any other way of expressing their love for an existing property.

This video from PBS’s Off Book series offers a great introduction to the world of fandom and the wide variety of people and sub-communities found inside it.

Even within a property’s fandom, there can be thousands of different websites dedicated to a single universe.  With so many fan fics and web rings and shipper forums and tumblr blogs to keep track of, it’s hard to not get buried in the clutter without a central location to house and organize all of those links. That’s where Delicious comes in.

An impressively structured tag taxonomy is often vital to keeping track of the best fan fiction on the web. We’re not just talking tags for characters or the fandom in question — many fans will meticulously organize their links using tags for themes, authors, ratings, completion status, length, and romantic pairings — just to name a few.

Because of the sheer volume of bookmarks a user can have, tag bundles are a useful way to group together similar items for later tracking or easy sharing with others. For example, Delicious user expastic has grouped all of their Harry Potter tags into a single bundle, making it easy to find links from that fandom quickly and a great catalog for other users looking for similar links.

Of course, these techniques can be easily applied to any collection of links, including yours. If you’re saving links across multiple topics, you may benefit from thinking about how your tags work together and how you can use bundles to keep track of your interests and help others discover the great content you’re saving!

Protip: We Have Keyboard Shortcuts

When we were planning the recent redesign of Delicious, we wanted to create a simple and fast user experience. So we took a cue from the greats and introduced some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to navigate around the site.

You can easily access the list of shortcuts by clicking the question mark displayed next to the search field on every page of the site (or by typing “?” from any page), but we thought we would highlight them here, in case you didn’t know about them.

You can use these shortcuts on any page of Delicious. Now you can use that extra time you’ve saved to go discover more awesome things on the internet!

PS: If you have any ideas for more shortcuts we could implement, we’d love to hear from you! Send your thoughts to or tweet us @Delicious and we’ll get a conversation going. :)