Standing Out: Delicious as Your Personal Digital Portfolio

Charlie Hoehn is what we like to call a Delicious power user, having collected almost 5,000 links and 10,000 followers over the past five years. He’s even featured on our home page!

We recently spoke to him about his uses for Delicious, and one way he uses the site really stood out to us.

Charlie uses Delicious to keep track of his digital portfolio.

He does this in two ways:

First, he keeps track of all of the times he or his work is mentioned in the press, and saves it to his Delicious account with the tag #press.

Second, he keeps track of his writing across the web with the tag #charlie_hoehn so that he has an ever-evolving, easily indexed digital portfolio for all of his work — extremely useful for landing jobs, clients, or just showing off his influence and expertise.

This can be an extremely useful (and valuable) practice not just for writers, but anyone who showcases their work on the internet, from artists to musicians to programmers. Having an always up-to-date digital portfolio is a massive weapon in your back pocket when looking for a job or a client (or just to prove to your parents that becoming an artist was a good decision!).