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Delicious Community and the Ebola Crisis

Here at Delicious, we are all concerned about the worldwide ebola crisis.  Based on recent community activity, we can see that you are too.  Check out , where we have found and collected several helpful links related to the issue.  The page includes links from the delicious community about how to prepare, how to diagnose, how to help and how to determine facts vs. myths about the disease.  Share your own ebola resources by tagging your links with “ebolaprep”.

Standing Out: Delicious as Your Personal Digital Portfolio

Charlie Hoehn is what we like to call a Delicious power user, having collected almost 5,000 links and 10,000 followers over the past five years. He’s even featured on our home page!

We recently spoke to him about his uses for Delicious, and one way he uses the site really stood out to us.

Charlie uses Delicious to keep track of his digital portfolio.

He does this in two ways:

First, he keeps track of all of the times he or his work is mentioned in the press, and saves it to his Delicious account with the tag #press.

Second, he keeps track of his writing across the web with the tag #charlie_hoehn so that he has an ever-evolving, easily indexed digital portfolio for all of his work — extremely useful for landing jobs, clients, or just showing off his influence and expertise.

This can be an extremely useful (and valuable) practice not just for writers, but anyone who showcases their work on the internet, from artists to musicians to programmers. Having an always up-to-date digital portfolio is a massive weapon in your back pocket when looking for a job or a client (or just to prove to your parents that becoming an artist was a good decision!).

Protip: We Have Keyboard Shortcuts

When we were planning the recent redesign of Delicious, we wanted to create a simple and fast user experience. So we took a cue from the greats and introduced some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to navigate around the site.

You can easily access the list of shortcuts by clicking the question mark displayed next to the search field on every page of the site (or by typing “?” from any page), but we thought we would highlight them here, in case you didn’t know about them.

You can use these shortcuts on any page of Delicious. Now you can use that extra time you’ve saved to go discover more awesome things on the internet!

PS: If you have any ideas for more shortcuts we could implement, we’d love to hear from you! Send your thoughts to or tweet us @Delicious and we’ll get a conversation going. :)

Our Favorite IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) stands for “if this then that.” Essentially, it communicates between apps and services for you. You can create a recipe where if something is triggered in one app, then something happens in another app. For example, one popular recipe is when you star an item in Feedly, it will save the link to your Delicious account. For more information, check out their about page.

We have been loving this app – the possibilities are endless, and it is both fun and useful. It can be really powerful when combined with a service like Delicious, so we wanted to share our favorite Delicious recipes with you. You can also create your own, or explore recipes others have created. Check out our favorites:

1. Post new public bookmarks on Delicious to Buffer.
2. Save my YouTube favorites to Delicious.
3. Send an email to IFTTT to save link on Delicious.
3. Backup Delicious bookmarks to Google Spreadsheet.
4. Send Tumblr likes to Delicious.
5. If tagged “to read” on Delicious, send to Pocket.
6. SoundCloud favorites get saved on Delicious.

And lastly, this one is cool, because you can set it up with any RSS feed you like. One of our team members sends posts he saves on Reddit to Delicious using the RSS feed for his Reddit account.

7. Save an RSS feed to Delicious.

If you know of any other IFTTT recipes that incorporate Delicious, let us know on Twitter @delicious!