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Site Maintenance

Delicious will be experiencing maintenance at 7:00 p.m. PST today, Tuesday, February 24th 2015 as part of an ongoing series of upgrades over the next ten days. There should be no impact to users on and brief outages on lasting no more than ten minutes at a time. The maintenance window is expected to last one hour. 
If you have any questions or feedback please e-mail us at

Update 11:18 p.m. PST: we are starting the updates. There should be a brief impact to users over the next few minutes.

Opt-In Email Bug Fixed

We just fixed an issue with the dialog box for opting into emails. Previously users were experiencing issues resulting in the dialog box not accepting chosen answers. It broke with a new version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari last week. If you’re still experiencing issues, please do the following.

Refresh the page. If you see “There are updates to Delicious, Refresh (underlined), click there.

Do you see a popup asking you to opt in or out? Make your selection. The system will accept your selection this time.

See if scrolling is fixed, and report back to us. Also let us know the exact browser version and your username.

We’ve Been Working On Some Delicious Changes!

On behalf of the Delicious team, we are happy to announce that there will be some major improvements to our APIs, most of which will only affect developers. No end-user facing issues are anticipated with this new release. These changes will be going out all day Thursday and Friday. Be sure to check back with us to see what’s next!

Let us know what you think, or if you encounter a problem, e-mail us at

Delicious Reliability Status

note:all times in Pacific Time

10/25/14 10:30AM

The database upgrades yesterday completed successfully without substantial impact on the reliability of site.  As a result, our site is significantly faster and more responsive!

Outstanding issues at this time:

  • Logins by Facebook, Google, and Twitter are problematic for IOS8 devices like the iPhone 6.  Delicious is not the only site having trouble!
  • For some accounts, the authentication to these social networks has expired.  If you get an error using social authentication, you may need to re-authorize Delicious on that network.  The easiest way is in the Delicious settings tab “social,” disconnect the social network, and connect again.  We are working with these networks to develop a permanent solution.
  • Some links URLs, especially in African and east Asian countries, contain non-English characters, and our system has trouble saving most of them.  Our engineering team is working on a solution to this.
  • Some users have forgotten their username.  Currently the only way on the site to retrieve forgotten usernames is to log in using Facebook, Google, or Twitter.  Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, we are working on a feature that allows users to look up their username by their email address.
  • We highly encourage users to connect all social networks they use, to protect their account in case they forget their username or email.

Happy bookmarking! site operations

10/24/14 6:45PM

Current Status:  Database Upgrades

As our systems are upgraded, you may experience brief interruptions to service lasting no more than 15 minutes at a time between now to 9:00pm.


10/24/14 5:00AM

Service restored.  Next maintenance scheduled for 10/24/14 5:00PM

10/24/14 4:38AM

Critical upgrades are in progress.  Some users may experience interruptions accessing their links on

10/24/14 3:30AM

Infrastructure upgrades will continue today with minimal perceivable impact on performance and reliability.

10/24/14 1:30AM

Infrastructure upgrades are starting now.  Expect brief interruptions over the next 30 minutes.

10/22/14 6:00PM

Hotfix deployment completed successfully without service interruption.  The root cause of the outage at Amazon Web Services is pending their investigation, but many small improvements and bug fixes have been made to the reliability, performance, and monitoring of

10/22/14 4:00pm

Hotfix deployment began

10/22/14 1:55pm

Hotfix tests reveal further issues, delaying deployment until 4pm.

10/21/14 11:13pm

Hotfix is being tested, release scheduled 10/22/14 12:00pm.

10/21/14 8:48pm

Although service has been restored, an emergency hotfix is being prepared.  Please stay tuned!

10/21/14 3:57pm is currently experiencing service interruptions caused by our cloud provider Amazon Web Services.  Please be patient as we actively work on the issue.  Your bookmarks are intact!

10/20/14 2am-8am was unavailable to some users due to an outage at our service provider

Delicious Community and the Ebola Crisis

Here at Delicious, we are all concerned about the worldwide ebola crisis.  Based on recent community activity, we can see that you are too.  Check out , where we have found and collected several helpful links related to the issue.  The page includes links from the delicious community about how to prepare, how to diagnose, how to help and how to determine facts vs. myths about the disease.  Share your own ebola resources by tagging your links with “ebolaprep”.

Our bookmarking platform has found a new home with Science Inc

We’ve got some exciting news to share today. We’ve been acquired by Science Inc, the technology studio that’s introduced some of the most beloved Internet companies over the past few years like Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay amongst others.

What does this mean for you? Well… Not much.

You’ll still have a seamless experience using Delicious to share and save all for favorite links. You might notice far fewer ads during your Delicious usage since we’re trying to put all our energy on the beautiful utility of the app and browser experience. So other than fewer ads, you may not notice any difference at all.

We are excited to be part of Science’s family and look forward to continuing to serve our loyal users and any new ones that come on board.

A New Flavor…Still Delicious

Hey there, we have some great news – the new Delicious site is now live! Today’s a big day for us, and there’s lots to share. We’ll try to keep it brief so you can start using the new service and giving us feedback!

Back to Beta

“What if they say I’m no good? What if they say, ‘Get outta here, kid, you got no future?’”
- Marty McFly, Back to the Future

We feel a bit like Marty today as we launch the new Delicious. After acquiring the service from Yahoo! in April, we realized that in order to keep innovating over the

long term, the eight-year-old site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. The result is a new homepage, interface and back-end architecture designed to make Delicious easier to use.

We’re proud of what we built, but the process has also brought the site “back to beta” as a work in progress. Much more work will be needed to realize our vision: keeping the essence of Delicious – the premier social bookmarking tool – while building upon its core functionality to create a great discovery service, too.

We’d love hearing your thoughts on the site’s new features, any bugs you spot, and if you have issues accessing your bookmarks – so email us. If we’re missing a feature you loved, or you have a brilliant idea for a new feature, let us know so our development team can prioritize their next projects.

With that expectation-setting out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

Introducing Stacks – “Playlists for the Web”

Every day, people create boatloads of content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and across the entire web. It’s getting increasingly difficult to cut through all the noise. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, search works great, but what if you want to discover something new? Conversely, how can you easily organize the best websites around a topic you know a lot about?

We came up with a simple solution called stacks, which are collections of links that you can share. They’re playlists for the web!

Here’s how they work. Select some related links, plug them into a stack and watch the magic happen. You can customize your stack by choosing images to feature, and by adding a title, description and comment for each link. Then publish the stack to share it with the world. If you come across another stack you like, follow it to easily find it again and catch any updates.

Our goal with stacks is to add more value to all the links being collected by the Delicious community. Each new stack presents an opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to cool web content they haven’t seen before.

You may also notice these Delicious updates…

  • Site navigation is simpler, and many redundant features have been consolidated
  • Bookmarks are now called links, but they mean the same thing
  • Any links previously marked private in Delicious will remain that way
  • We’re still supporting all Delicious APIs and feeds, with more on the way
  • Multiple-word tagging is now possible (“San Francisco”); tags are separated with commas
  • Profile pics are now supported, with more social features to come

For a full list of Delicious updates, and past features that aren’t included in the new site, visit the FAQ on our Help page.  We’re counting on your feedback during this beta period, so please write to us via the “Contact Us” tab on the Help page as well.

To stay informed, keep checking this blog and follow us here:

We see this as just the first step on a long path to solving the discovery problem, and look forward to joining you on this exciting journey!

- The Delicious Team