Our bookmarking platform has found a new home with Science Inc

We’ve got some exciting news to share today. We’ve been acquired by Science Inc, the technology studio that’s introduced some of the most beloved Internet companies over the past few years like Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay amongst others.

What does this mean for you? Well… Not much.

You’ll still have a seamless experience using Delicious to share and save all for favorite links. You might notice far fewer ads during your Delicious usage since we’re trying to put all our energy on the beautiful utility of the app and browser experience. So other than fewer ads, you may not notice any difference at all.

We are excited to be part of Science’s family and look forward to continuing to serve our loyal users and any new ones that come on board.

Planning for a Delicious future

2013 was a big year for us at Delicious. We relaunched the site from the ground up, built many brand new features, and have been blown away by the response to our Annual Reports project.  Our team also released a number of official apps for Delicious:

We are thrilled with the positive user feedback from our recently launched and refreshed apps. These apps are all built on a new platform our team has built to ensure stability and quality performance.

To that end, we’d like to give you more information about upcoming changes to Delicious to help it remain sustainable and free for the community.

Finding what makes Delicious tick?

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Annual Report – How Delicious was your 2013?

Another year has come and gone – and what a year it’s been!

Delicious celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a complete relaunch of the site, and we made it easier than ever to save from anywhere with new apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. But before we look to 2014, let’s take a look back at what made 2013 so delicious.

We’ve generated a personalized year-in-review report for every user on Delicious, visualizing bookmarking activity over the past year as an interactive infographic. How many bookmarks did you save in 2013? Were the links you saved popular site-wide, or were you a lone wolf? What do your annual statistics say about you?

Head to your Delicious profile and click 2013 annual report to view your statistics, or explore the reports of any user by clicking the button on any profile.

Don’t forget to share your report with us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter and tell us what made 2013 special for you. It’s never too late to join Delicious and start bookmarking the best of the web.

The Delicious Android App is here!

Two weeks ago, we re-launched Delicious with a brand new design and a renewed commitment to making Delicious better than ever. Since then, we’ve continued to make improvements to the new design and have also released our first official Android app!

Download the Android app from the Play Store here.

With the Android app you can save, find, and sort your links from anywhere. Easily edit tags and comments by pressing and holding links, and find interesting content saved by your friends in the Network feed.

The app integrates into the Android universal share menu in browsers and other apps for quick and easy bookmarking. From any webpage, go to the Share menu, then hit Save to Delicious. You can add tags and save your link without ever leaving the original app.

We’ve also updated our iPhone app to match our new Android app. Download or update here.

We want to thank everyone in the Delicious community for your great feedback on the new website. We’ve been implementing your ideas into the site on a daily basis. If you have anything to say about the new design or our apps, we’d love to hear from you at feedback@delicious.com.

Ten Years of Delicious – Same Ingredients, Brand New Flavor

We’re excited to announce the release of the brand new Delicious!

Delicious first launched in September of 2003 (then known as del.icio.us), and to celebrate our ten year anniversary we’ve rebuilt Delicious from the ground up. It’s faster, easier to use, and a whole lot more… well, delicious.

Music by Andre Burgos

We listened to your feedback and improved every aspect of the site — adding new features, improving current ones, and even bringing back a few old favorites.

With ten years of bookmarking comes ten years of community-curated links, tags, comments, and bundles — an extremely powerful resource that gets more valuable with every single save. We’re harnessing the nearly one billion links on Delicious into an unparalleled tool for search and discovery.

What’s changed?

Quite a bit! The entire site has been streamlined into a single-column layout for faster navigation without any clutter, and we’ve made some other improvements.

  • Tags and tag bundles are accessible from the top of every page.
  • Links can be searched or filtered by tag with a single click.
  • Double click any link to add it to your collection or edit one of your existing bookmarks.
  • The Discover feed is now personalized. See relevant links from your feed when you connect with Twitter.

What hasn’t?

Delicious is still all about you. Your links, your tags, your rules. We’ve dusted off the digital archives and brought back a few of oft-requested features, including:

  • Comprehensive tagging tools, with the ability to add tags to multiple links at once.
  • Search tags and sort results by recent or popular.
  • Stats for how often a bookmark has been saved and who was the first to add each link.
  • Your own personal tag cloud.

What’s to come?

We’re only just getting started. This new design is a direct response to responses from the Delicious community, so we absolutely still want to hear your feedback. In the coming months, we’ll be consistently pushing out new updates, features, apps (yes, Android), browser extensions, and more — so stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone in the community for ten great years of bookmarking.

Here’s to many more!

Standing Out: Delicious as Your Personal Digital Portfolio

Charlie Hoehn is what we like to call a Delicious power user, having collected almost 5,000 links and 10,000 followers over the past five years. He’s even featured on our home page!

We recently spoke to him about his uses for Delicious, and one way he uses the site really stood out to us.

Charlie uses Delicious to keep track of his digital portfolio.

He does this in two ways:

First, he keeps track of all of the times he or his work is mentioned in the press, and saves it to his Delicious account with the tag #press.

Second, he keeps track of his writing across the web with the tag #charlie_hoehn so that he has an ever-evolving, easily indexed digital portfolio for all of his work — extremely useful for landing jobs, clients, or just showing off his influence and expertise.

This can be an extremely useful (and valuable) practice not just for writers, but anyone who showcases their work on the internet, from artists to musicians to programmers. Having an always up-to-date digital portfolio is a massive weapon in your back pocket when looking for a job or a client (or just to prove to your parents that becoming an artist was a good decision!).

Announcing the Delicious iPad app!

We’re excited to announce that our iPad app is live in the App Store! Download it here.

The app mirrors the style of our official iPhone app, but is designed specifically for the larger screen size, including an expanded web browser view.

You can search your collection, add new bookmarks, and browse through links the community and your network of friends are saving. Enjoy the benefits of Delicious on the go, and never struggle to find a link again!

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter @Delicious, or send us an email to feedback@delicious.com.

Community Spotlight: Fandom!

Delicious is full of passionate communities dedicated to saving and organizing their favorite things on the web. The world of fandom, and all those collecting the best fan works online, is a great example of this.

For those not in the know, fandom refers to the community of people who like to engage with their pop culture — be it through reading or writing fan fiction, creating fan art, dressing up as their favorite characters (a.k.a. cosplay), going to conventions, or any other way of expressing their love for an existing property.

This video from PBS’s Off Book series offers a great introduction to the world of fandom and the wide variety of people and sub-communities found inside it.

Even within a property’s fandom, there can be thousands of different websites dedicated to a single universe.  With so many fan fics and web rings and shipper forums and tumblr blogs to keep track of, it’s hard to not get buried in the clutter without a central location to house and organize all of those links. That’s where Delicious comes in.

An impressively structured tag taxonomy is often vital to keeping track of the best fan fiction on the web. We’re not just talking tags for characters or the fandom in question — many fans will meticulously organize their links using tags for themes, authors, ratings, completion status, length, and romantic pairings — just to name a few.

Because of the sheer volume of bookmarks a user can have, tag bundles are a useful way to group together similar items for later tracking or easy sharing with others. For example, Delicious user expastic has grouped all of their Harry Potter tags into a single bundle, making it easy to find links from that fandom quickly and a great catalog for other users looking for similar links.

Of course, these techniques can be easily applied to any collection of links, including yours. If you’re saving links across multiple topics, you may benefit from thinking about how your tags work together and how you can use bundles to keep track of your interests and help others discover the great content you’re saving!

Protip: We Have Keyboard Shortcuts

When we were planning the recent redesign of Delicious, we wanted to create a simple and fast user experience. So we took a cue from the greats and introduced some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to navigate around the site.

You can easily access the list of shortcuts by clicking the question mark displayed next to the search field on every page of the site (or by typing “?” from any page), but we thought we would highlight them here, in case you didn’t know about them.

You can use these shortcuts on any page of Delicious. Now you can use that extra time you’ve saved to go discover more awesome things on the internet!

PS: If you have any ideas for more shortcuts we could implement, we’d love to hear from you! Send your thoughts to feedback@delicious.com or tweet us @Delicious and we’ll get a conversation going. :)

Delicious for Business: How FontFont organizes the web

FontFont is an international font house based in Berlin, creating gorgeous fonts for designers by designers and selling them online. They use Delicious to categorize their fonts and font families, keep track of news and press about the company, and note where their fonts are being used in the wild. They are one of the most followed users on Delicious. We reached out to them to ask why they use Delicious and how it works for them.

“We use Delicious primarily to capture new FontFont related content that we have come across or that our customers have sent over to us. It provides a great source of inspiration for us in terms of generating new content for our own site and also acts as an archive and go-to-resource for finding examples of our FontFonts in use. We also find that our customers use the tags ffinuse and webfontfonts to find inspiration for their own projects.”

Not surprisingly, the bookmarklet is their favorite feature to “quickly and conveniently add links.” They also use tags extensively to categorize their links: “As we have over 393 font families, the tags help us to differentiate between the different typefaces and catalog our links in a logical manner.”

FontFont is a great example of a brand making good use of the services Delicious has to offer. In any business it’s important to stay organized. Delicious serves as an organized archive of anything you’d like to remember on the web. It’s great for researching, onboarding employees, or remembering important articles — your links are there waiting to do the hard work for you.

As FontFont told us, Delicious can also be very valuable for research and inspiration. Search your own tags, your networks’, or the entire Delicious community’s. See what people are saying about your company or product across the web. Easily find long-lost webpages and articles or research your competitors.

Delicious is unique because it crowdsources the web at the most basic level, simply and conveniently giving you access to everything your company needs to be successful.