Announcing the Delicious iPad app!

We’re excited to announce that our iPad app is live in the App Store! Download it here.

The app mirrors the style of our official iPhone app, but is designed specifically for the larger screen size, including an expanded web browser view.

You can search your collection, add new bookmarks, and browse through links the community and your network of friends are saving. Enjoy the benefits of Delicious on the go, and never struggle to find a link again!

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter @Delicious, or send us an email to

Community Spotlight: Fandom!

Delicious is full of passionate communities dedicated to saving and organizing their favorite things on the web. The world of fandom, and all those collecting the best fan works online, is a great example of this.

For those not in the know, fandom refers to the community of people who like to engage with their pop culture — be it through reading or writing fan fiction, creating fan art, dressing up as their favorite characters (a.k.a. cosplay), going to conventions, or any other way of expressing their love for an existing property.

This video from PBS’s Off Book series offers a great introduction to the world of fandom and the wide variety of people and sub-communities found inside it.

Even within a property’s fandom, there can be thousands of different websites dedicated to a single universe.  With so many fan fics and web rings and shipper forums and tumblr blogs to keep track of, it’s hard to not get buried in the clutter without a central location to house and organize all of those links. That’s where Delicious comes in.

An impressively structured tag taxonomy is often vital to keeping track of the best fan fiction on the web. We’re not just talking tags for characters or the fandom in question — many fans will meticulously organize their links using tags for themes, authors, ratings, completion status, length, and romantic pairings — just to name a few.

Because of the sheer volume of bookmarks a user can have, tag bundles are a useful way to group together similar items for later tracking or easy sharing with others. For example, Delicious user expastic has grouped all of their Harry Potter tags into a single bundle, making it easy to find links from that fandom quickly and a great catalog for other users looking for similar links.

Of course, these techniques can be easily applied to any collection of links, including yours. If you’re saving links across multiple topics, you may benefit from thinking about how your tags work together and how you can use bundles to keep track of your interests and help others discover the great content you’re saving!

Protip: We Have Keyboard Shortcuts

When we were planning the recent redesign of Delicious, we wanted to create a simple and fast user experience. So we took a cue from the greats and introduced some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to navigate around the site.

You can easily access the list of shortcuts by clicking the question mark displayed next to the search field on every page of the site (or by typing “?” from any page), but we thought we would highlight them here, in case you didn’t know about them.

You can use these shortcuts on any page of Delicious. Now you can use that extra time you’ve saved to go discover more awesome things on the internet!

PS: If you have any ideas for more shortcuts we could implement, we’d love to hear from you! Send your thoughts to or tweet us @Delicious and we’ll get a conversation going. :)

Delicious for Business: How FontFont organizes the web

FontFont is an international font house based in Berlin, creating gorgeous fonts for designers by designers and selling them online. They use Delicious to categorize their fonts and font families, keep track of news and press about the company, and note where their fonts are being used in the wild. They are one of the most followed users on Delicious. We reached out to them to ask why they use Delicious and how it works for them.

“We use Delicious primarily to capture new FontFont related content that we have come across or that our customers have sent over to us. It provides a great source of inspiration for us in terms of generating new content for our own site and also acts as an archive and go-to-resource for finding examples of our FontFonts in use. We also find that our customers use the tags ffinuse and webfontfonts to find inspiration for their own projects.”

Not surprisingly, the bookmarklet is their favorite feature to “quickly and conveniently add links.” They also use tags extensively to categorize their links: “As we have over 393 font families, the tags help us to differentiate between the different typefaces and catalog our links in a logical manner.”

FontFont is a great example of a brand making good use of the services Delicious has to offer. In any business it’s important to stay organized. Delicious serves as an organized archive of anything you’d like to remember on the web. It’s great for researching, onboarding employees, or remembering important articles — your links are there waiting to do the hard work for you.

As FontFont told us, Delicious can also be very valuable for research and inspiration. Search your own tags, your networks’, or the entire Delicious community’s. See what people are saying about your company or product across the web. Easily find long-lost webpages and articles or research your competitors.

Delicious is unique because it crowdsources the web at the most basic level, simply and conveniently giving you access to everything your company needs to be successful.

Our Favorite IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) stands for “if this then that.” Essentially, it communicates between apps and services for you. You can create a recipe where if something is triggered in one app, then something happens in another app. For example, one popular recipe is when you star an item in Feedly, it will save the link to your Delicious account. For more information, check out their about page.

We have been loving this app – the possibilities are endless, and it is both fun and useful. It can be really powerful when combined with a service like Delicious, so we wanted to share our favorite Delicious recipes with you. You can also create your own, or explore recipes others have created. Check out our favorites:

1. Post new public bookmarks on Delicious to Buffer.
2. Save my YouTube favorites to Delicious.
3. Send an email to IFTTT to save link on Delicious.
3. Backup Delicious bookmarks to Google Spreadsheet.
4. Send Tumblr likes to Delicious.
5. If tagged “to read” on Delicious, send to Pocket.
6. SoundCloud favorites get saved on Delicious.

And lastly, this one is cool, because you can set it up with any RSS feed you like. One of our team members sends posts he saves on Reddit to Delicious using the RSS feed for his Reddit account.

7. Save an RSS feed to Delicious.

If you know of any other IFTTT recipes that incorporate Delicious, let us know on Twitter @delicious!

Springing Forward at Delicious

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently, but after adding a number of new updates and features over the past few months, we wanted to break the silence and let you know what we’ve been working on.

One noticeable new feature is that you can now sign in via Twitter or Facebook. Login with a single click and immediately start adding links.

But that’s not the only benefit of connecting your social accounts. We can also automatically pull in links you’ve shared (or favorited on Twitter), meaning you’ll never have to dig through your feed to find a link again – they will all be waiting for you on your Delicious account, indexed and searchable. We’ve also introduced the Friend Finder to help you find and follow the people you know.

Another big community request was that we put the user who first saved a link back in the link details pane. We’re happy to report that this “first saver” attribution is now live and prominently displayed on every link added to the site.

We’ve also made these small improvements:

- Fixed bug where public tags were showing up in autocomplete when tagging.
- Put “Add to Delicious” button back on the Tools page so you can add it to your website and blog posts for readers to use.
- Shaved one second off load times across the site.
- Optimized the bookmarklet to load faster than ever.

These are just a few of the many enhancements currently in the works, so expect new features and fixes soon!

If you have any feedback about what we’ve released so far, or have suggestions for features you would like to see added in the future, please email us at We’d love to hear from you!

Big Update Coming to Delicious!

The holiday season has been especially busy here at Delicious. Mid-December we launched our official Delicious iPhone app and are thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve received so far… but now its time to start looking forward to the new year!

You may recall that last month we began previewing a new design for Delicious at Today, we are excited to introduce some major improvements to the demo site (more details below). This new design will be rolled out to the main Delicious site in early January.

Some of the new product features and notable improvements include:

  • An omnibox search bar to conveniently search across keywords, tags, usernames, your network and even tag bundles!
  • Enhanced profile pages with names and personal bios added to make it easier to find friends and create a personalized link-sharing network of your own.
  • Single-page viewing experience to speed up navigation across your links and to supercharge content discovery.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to get you where you want to go faster than ever.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback on the new design! It’s still a work in progress, so please keep your comments and suggestions coming via the orange feedback button at the bottom of every page.

Until next year, Happy Holidays from all of us here at Delicious!

Official Delicious iPhone App!

We are excited to announce that the official Delicious iPhone app is now available for download in the App Store:

The visual style and user experience of the app mirrors that of the new Delicious site design currently being previewed at Not only can users search and add links from their own collections with the app, but they can also search through links being saved by the community and their networks in real-time.

This is the only official iPhone app released for Delicious, and it is completely free to download. Support for Android and tablets are on our near-term roadmap as well.

We value your input in the features and products we develop, so please send any feedback to

Hope you enjoy Delicious on-the-go!

Delicious Refreshed

Today we’re excited to offer a preview of the brand new Delicious!

We’re proud of what we built and we hope you’ll like it too! This is just the start of what’s to come. More will be revealed as new features get released, but for now, we wanted to share a few of our guiding principles:

Community Matters
The Delicious community is a passionate bunch – consuming millions of links every day while collecting the best content on the net. In the future, we’ll make it easier for users to not only save their own links, but to discover the most interesting bits and bytes on the web by leveraging the crowd-sourced wisdom of our community.

Need for Speed
We want Delicious to be fast. Really fast! To that end, we rewrote the codebase and streamlined the user interface. Content now renders instantly and can be consumed in a single pageview – making it even easier to navigate the site.

Mobile Friendly
With our new iOS app (currently in development) users will be able to access their links wherever they go, and we have a roadmap in place to improve the way Delicious is consumed across a multitude of devices. So whether you’re an Apple fan or an Android loyalist, don’t worry, we have you covered!

Note: The demo site is still a work-in-progress and doesn’t have all the key features of the current Delicious. It may go down occasionally as we check in code and fix bugs. With that in mind, we would love to hear your feedback so we can incorporate your ideas into the product. You’ll find an orange Feedback button on the right-hand side of the site – please don’t be shy in letting us know what you think!

Without further ado, check it out now at!

The Delicious Team

API Update: Link Redirecting

Beginning on October 5th, some Delicious APIs will start returning URLs that redirect users through before reaching the final link. Most users will not notice this change, as all links stored on the Delicious website are already redirected through this same pathway.

There are two exceptions for which Delicious will still return the raw (original) URLs in the API response:

  • Requests for exported links
  • Requests for a user’s own personal links

Why is Delicious providing redirect URLs for API responses?
Delicious currently serves  2-3,000 RSS / API requests per second, and is committed to being a free and open service that is safe for all users.  Returning redirect URLs in the API response protects users by allowing Delicious to check all links against a list of spam websites and warn users before entering those sites.

What will redirect URL looks like?
To avoid returning redirect URLs with a lengthy number of characters, Delicious will use the link shortener

Who does this change impact?
This change may impact developers who have built applications that cluster links by domain based on the raw URL. Where possible, the API will return a new field, ‘expanded_url’ , that will contain the full URL, for users that explicitly need the unshortened URL.