The Consolidation of Stacks and Tags

As mentioned in our email and blog post, Delicious will be consolidating stacks into tags.  Below is more detail on the conversion process:

New stacks can no longer be created on Delicious. Starting in early August of 2012, stack creation will be disabled across the site.

All existing stacks will be automatically converted into tags.  Stack titles will transition into tag names, and will be attached as new tags to all links currently in a stack. These tags can be edited, renamed, or deleted at any time.

  • Unpublished stacks: Unpublished (draft) stacks will be converted to tags, with new tags reflecting the existing privacy settings of each link. If all links in an unpublished stack are private, the new tag will look private as well.
  • Collaborative stacks: Collaborative stacks will only be migrated with the stack owner’s account. Links added by other users will not be added to those owners’ links.
  • Response stacks: Response stacks will be converted the same as any other stacks, but will not maintain their connection with the stack/tag they were initially in response to.
  • Unsaved links in stacks: Only links currently saved in your bookmark collection will be maintained. Links you have deleted from your link list but left inside a stack will not be re-added.

Existing stack URLs will not break. Links will instead redirect users to the correct URL for the new tag. Instead of the string of random letters and numbers that make up existing stack URLs, tag links are formatted simply as:

Link titles, tags, and descriptions will be kept as they are now. Stack-specific link titles, descriptions, or images will not overwrite the settings of a link outside a stack, but the description will be transferred over to the main link’s entry if no link comment is present.

The following features will not be included as part of the migration: Stack descriptions, link order, unique link titles & notes, stack categories, stack followers, cover images, and comments left by other users.

All existing links, tags, and descriptions outside of stacks will not be affected or overwritten. No action is required on your part in the transition of stacks to tags.